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Casa Calvet / Cabinet-work
Gaudi's sketch of the Calvet's chairs
Gaudi by Jose F. Rafols Editorial Canosa Barcelona 1929 - page 227
Joan Busquets i Jané (1874-1949) was supervising the execution of the furniture Calvet, we can see in this draw of Gaudi, on the left- top side a model wich inspired Busquets in a sery of gilded furni...
Chairs from the reunion room
98 x 51 x 52cm - Chêne - Collection Privée
Almost surrealist in appearance, this chair seems to have a skeleton,a skin and internal organs. ...
Armchair's office
Oak - Kiki & Pedro Uhart collection Paris.
Turning armchair originally in the manager's office at the Calvet spinning-mills. The back of the armchair is carved in the form of a heart.
102 x 118 x 57cm - Chêne - Collection Privée
One of the benches that were on the office of the Calvet textile corporation.
PARIS BARCELONA de Gaudi a Miro Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais Paris, 2002.
The Exhibition was organized by the Fr...
102 x 118 x 57cm - Chêne - Collection Privée
Elongated mirror
195 x 60 x 24cm - Chêne et laiton doré à l'or fin - Collection Privée
This large elongated mirror lends itself to observe yourself completely in any position and distance because of its peculiar prone shape.The glass mirror is at a soft angle....
Oval Mirror
110 x 120 x 13cm - Chêne doré à l'or fin - Collection Privée
This very large oval mirror was placed at the entrance of principal apartment of the house. This mirror is very similar to an elongated one of the same house....
Calvet mirror's detail
miroir ovale
FMR n° 75 1998 PhotoMassimo Listri
text by Luis Gueilburt et Joseph Maria Garrut
colection kiki et Pedrto Uhart Paris

Calvet mirror's detail
miroir ovale - Collection Privée
Desk by Gaudi
102 x 150 x 84cm - oak
Desk of the director of the Calvet Ofice. ...
76 x 148 x 86cm - Chêne - Collection privée Barcelone
Table from the Calvet meting room. ...
Calvet Armchair
96 x 80 x 56cm -
Armchair from office of the Calvet corporation. ...
Corner stool
65 x 68 x 42cm - Chêne - Musée Gaudi Parc de Güell
Originally, this seat was stained "ebony" black, like most of the furniture in the Calvet warehouses. It has since been stripped.
We note that its structure bears a strong resemblance to that of a b...
Salon Calvet - Museo Casa Gaudi, Park Güell
73 x 30 x 47cm - Gilded wood, iron frame and silk velvet - Gaudi House Museum
Calvet stool Grand Salon...

Portemanteau Calvet
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