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Casa Mila / Cabinet-work
Mila elevator
Josep Carandell "La Pedrera Cosmos de Gaudi"

In July 1991, the Mrs Manent., nee Segimond niece of the owner and widow of the poet Marià Manent, with splendid memory was placing each of the rooms ...
Double screen Mila-1909
196 x 400 x 5cm - Oak and cathedral glasses
Entirely carved with motifs of sea creatures, it consist of ten unequal panels with pale pink glass lights, assembled with brass hinges and brass and boxwood castors. collection de Kiki et Pedro Uhar...
Double screen
196 x 400 x 5cm - Oak and cathedral glasses - Private Collection
Transforming the inside space of the different floors, placed in front of the windows conceals the familiarity of those that are indoors.

A rare old photo of one apartment in the Casa Mila showing one of the screens used as decorative partitions.
Gaudi was a great proponent of this type of furniture, and designed endless variations upon the theme. ...
our apartment- 9 rue Charles V Paris - 1975
coll. Kiki & Pedro Uhart...
Desk Chair
91 x 70 x 51cm - Oak - Collection Privée
The side extensions to the seat are intented as hand-rests, and enable the sitter to position himself more comfortably in front of the desk....
Desk Chair
91 x 70 x 51cm - Chêne - Collection Privée
Desk and Chair design by Gaudi for M. Pere Mila i Camps (1873-1940)
80 x 166 x 80cm - Chêne - Private Collection
Both chairs and desk are of a very astonishing craftiness and an exceptional ergonomic design. The desk has tree drawers in form of waves and the sides and front sculpted in maritime life....
Milà's desk detail
Oak- Collection Privée
Front view with a keyhole and its key.
FMR n° 75 1998 PhotoMassimo Listri
text: Luis Gueilburt et Joseph Maria Garrut...
104 x 130 x 58cm - Oak.
Cupboard totally carved in his four sides, follows the design's of the Mila house - Private Collection....
Wall clock
103 x 50 x 20cm - Wood, brass and gold leaf - Private Collection
This amazing clock fitted perfectly into the mouving ceiling of casa Milà.

FMR n° 75 1998 PhotoMassimo Listri
textes de Luis Gueilburt et Joseph Maria Garrut
colection Kiki et Pedrto Uhart Paris
Detail off the clock sculpture.
Altarpiece in gilded wood and ivory stucco
Made by Antonio Gaudi and Josep Llimona for the chapel in Casa Mila
A similar object, currently in the collection of the Casa Museo Gaudi at Park Güell in Barcelona, shows the infant Jesus and Saint ...
Gran mirror
73 x 66 x 12cm - Wood, gold leaf and glass - Private Collecti
This very impressive frame with a tremendous movement of waves and holes, carved by hand in strong wood is a masterpiece of the Milà furniture. Was exhibit in Paris Barcelona 2002....
50 x 44 x 10cm - Wood, gold leaf and glass - Private Collection
This extraordinary mirror's frames, look that Gaudi had modelled them with his fingers.
FMR n° 75 1998 Photo Massimo Listri
textes de Luis Gueilburt et Joseph Maria Garrut
colection Kiki et Pedr...
Entrance door Mila apartments
Sliding vestibule door in Mila apartments
347 x 182,5 x 4,5cm
Period photo, Casa Mila vestibule
Sculpted oak, of impressive dimensions.... © 2017

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