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Collection Gaudi au Musee d'Orsay Paris.
Gaudi au Musee d'Orsay Paris.
Kiki et Pedro Uhart.old collection Paris
Gaudidesigner : Antoni Gaudí
Antoni Gaudí
The iconic architect Antoni Gaudí will be elevated to saint within a year in all probability as explained RAC1 . Next spring should be ready to justify further study and what will be only the Pope Francisco put the firm. At this news several countries have already been looking to convert into pattern Gaudí architects.
The declaration of Gaudí as venerable be the culmination of a process of more than 10 years. This case was presented to the Vatican in 2003 and has since been developing the positio : a document of hundreds of pages detailing the biography of the architect , his work and records the testimony of people who knew him. When the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the Pope give the nod , Gaudí become venerable .
From that time may be considered holy and the architect , as explained to RAC1 president Association Pro Beatification of Antoni Gaudí , José Manuel Almuzara " if all goes well the process will end in the spring of 2015, the document drafted and the subsequent signing of the Pope. "
This is to recognize as Gaudí architectural landmark and an example of good Christian. However your elevation venerable is a first step towards canonization , though so far not yet beatified because Gaudí could not prove that you have made no miracle .

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Gaudidesigner : Gaudí's name is a magnet for tourism
Gaudí's name is a magnet for tourism
Gaudí's name is a magnet for tourism, which flock to Barcelona fascinated by a work around which bloom every day more and more businesses, more and more lucrative. Barcelona is now known worldwide as the city of Gaudi and modernism. Indesmayables, sights such as the Sagrada Família (3,233,526 visitors in 2012), La Pedrera (861,583), Casa Batlló (780,466), the Palau Güell (254,609) or Park Güell (more than eight million a year), icons that are entered in the XXI century exercise their power of attraction for hundreds of thousands of tourists to the point that the legacy Gaudi, reviled for so long, they become a powerful economic engine for the city. Last November eleven architect building owners signed the Declaration of Mataró to protect and promote the Gaudi work.
Gaudidesigner : Balconies paint with violent colours.
Balconies paint with violent colours.
One of the first references of La Pedrera ( Casa Mila ) is what Georges Nicolas Desvides Desert has done her in " Barcelona and the Catalan Grand Shrines " ( Paris , H Laurens , 1913)

What attracts the most attention is the description that the author of the Casa Mila : " Nobody like Mr. Gaudi carried so far dedicated to the unique style , the determination by the new and the haughty and without replica as possible, " says Desdevides ; Its ultimate in this kind of creation - the written french - seems to happen at the edge of monstrous.
Imagine a cliff carved by a few giants. In the rough stone , they cut the pillars , opened spaces and galleries , no straight line, but soft curves and floating , as if to these colossal forces granite was clay, to remember that these Hercules know , s' must surprise with their refinement as with their strength, some wrought iron balconies , sought as clumps of algae , driven , lumpy , caught in a net ( garbled ) , twisted and twisted cheerfully with paint with violent colors "
Gaudidesigner : Antoni Gaudí designed in 1904 the Mercè Sala
Antoni Gaudí designed in 1904 the Mercè Sala
Antoni Gaudí designed in 1904 the Mercè Sala, a charismatic theater which represented musical visions accompanied by verses of Catalan poets and talkies were projected before the birth of sound film business that originate.

The book 'Theatres of Barcelona' rescues from oblivion the Mercè Sala, built in 1904 by architect Rambla
The place was a precursor of the talkies with actors talking behind the screen

Gaudidesigner : GAUDI AND DALI The most universal Catalan
GAUDI AND DALI The most universal Catalan

The most universal Catalan-February 8, 2013 Barcelona Vanguardia

by Xavier Bru de Sala del Presidente y escritor primer Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Barcelona. watercolor bi Perico Pastor

When we speak of universal Catalans, we need a fundamental difference. Universals there are two large, which for our demographics are not much: Gaudi and Dali. These two are known and admired "Urbi et Orbi". Installed on top of the hierarchical pyramid of the great geniuses in Olympus arts of the twentieth century. More Dali formed a duo with Picasso above all others and perhaps surpasses it as a popular phenomenon. But without harming Gaudí, to whom he is only a few meters for recognition and respect in the West, but not in the east (China Japan Korea etc.) Where he weighs in European modernism.

After them comes Miró, who, in the eyes of the world - I do not speak now of our people, which could be hyperbolic - is one of eight or ten great protagonists of the artistic revolution of the last century and those who have left a legacy more fruitful. Further, perhaps unfairly perhaps, Tapies, Casals and benevolence or self-esteem that the reader feels added.

If doubt still quelcun previous statements, it suffices to review the number of visitors to the Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila, as symbols of Barcelona (despite the intelligentsia Barcelona powerless to stop this interest). Just consider that the old foundation of Caixa Catalunya can be viable with the income generated by the iconic La Pedrera (Casa Mila) Just compare the number of visitors to the Dalí Museum in Figueras with those of all other museums.

Just go to Paris - Paris, the Mecca of these materials, where large Dali exhibition in 2013 which enshrines the hearing record Pompidou with hours and hours of opening tails until midnight. There is no doubt, this does not bother to look further to discuss. This planet may be full of spirits primary fall on all fours before formalisms speculative fair. Maybe yes. Canon Universal may be incorrect. * March Ausiàs exceed Dante. But readers of the world does not believe.

They are still numerous, we Catalans, which should correct their own eyes, said change, repent and seek excuses for what they did against Gaudi and Dali. How is it, then they are universally revered as the Catalans still despise? This is not a trivial matter. A disastrous consequences, among others: the Paris exhibition continues to Madrid, Barcelona but not because of the prejudices of some decision makers.

The animosity against Catalan Gaudí and Dalí is unique in the context of this region.

Without orders Güell, of Mila, and visionaries who promoted the Sagrada Familia or supported by Maragall, Gaudí exist but not his work. Without boiling creative Catalan culture in the first decades of the twentieth century, but the proximity of Barcelona to Paris, the genius of Dali could not have found an environment conducive to explose. And it is not only the Catalanism felt by these two artists conclusively, but it is very probable - that both Dali and Gaudi with rumi rhyme. As if the two belonged to a group or hated etnies but where genius abounds without controversy, as if it were a taboo subject.

According to Marguerite Yourcenar, time is the great sculptor. He did not have to spend a lot to raise Gaudi and Dali to top of the category of art. Throughout history, we have seen how time acts as a gravedigger with the false idols of an era. And, how time gives all his glory to those who have not been destroyed.

As allies of the time and our antidaliniens antigaudiniens minimized their figures. The majority of the Catalan intelligentsia tried to destroy them. A Gaudí we not forgive him his religious fervor, as the mystics, while this religious fervor is the key to his inspiration to Dalí and we continue to criticize his anticommunism, then it is quite clear that communism Like all totalitarian prohibits and punishes the creative freedom of artists critical of how inhumane and cruel.

* Ausiàs March, Valencia 1397-1459 is a poet and knight Valencia. It is one of the major figures of the century Valencian golden and one of the most important and influential writers of classic literature in Catalan.
Gaudidesigner :  Jordi  Fauli new Sagrada Familia director
Jordi Fauli new Sagrada Familia director
Generational change at the head of the works of the Sagrada Família. The board of the Construction Board has appointed new architect Jordi Faulí director basilica. Faulí replaces Jordi Bonet i Armengol,
who has been in office since 1985 and becomes emeritus and consultant architect aforementioned foundation, responsible for the construction of the temple designed by Antoni Gaudí.
I Oller Faulí Jordi (Barcelona, 1959) is the ninth director of the works of the Sagrada Família since its inception in 1882, and one of its leading experts, not in vain, he has devoted most of his professional career.
Doctor architect, his thesis was precisely the continuity and composition in the columns and arches of the basilica. So far, Faulí was deputy architect of the temple and as such, has been part of your site management with Bonet and architects also Carles Buxadé, Joan Margarit, Jordi and Josep Coll Gómez Serrano. This team, the last few years has focused its action on the completion of the interior of the basilica and the covering of the ships, which has pushed for the use of new materials, such as concrete, and construction techniques of computer-aided art.
This phase ended on November 7, 2010, the day Pope Benedict XVI dedicated the basilica to worship. The works are now focused on the construction of large central towers, to be followed by the vestries and the main facade.
Gaudidesigner : The architect Joan Bassegoda Nonell died on July 31, 2012
The architect Joan Bassegoda Nonell died on July 31, 2012
Joan Bassegoda Nonell (Barcelona, 1930-2012) was a great specialist of the work of Antonio Gaudi and director of La Real Cátedra Gaudi de Barcelona.
Top Books:
"The designs and drawings of A. Gaudí", published in 1983 in collaboration with the professor G.R. Collins, recognized as one of the most rigorous in the work of Gaudí architecture drawn.
"El Grand Gaudi" (1989), which compiles the various articles which he dedicated to the architect and a series of monographs on the Gaudi buildings like the Casa Batllo, CasaMila, the pavilions of the Finca Güell, the Episcopal Palace of Astorga.
Gaudidesigner :   The Pope Benoit XVI consecrate the Gaudi Sagrada Familia as a Basilica.
The Pope Benoit XVI consecrate the Gaudi Sagrada Familia as a Basilica.

Benedict underscored Gaudi's faith as he santified the edifice, which has become a symbol of this progressive Mediterranean port city.
"The genius of Antoni Gaudi, inspired by the ardour of his Christian faith, succeeded in raising this sanctuary as a hymn of praise to God carved in stone," Benedict said.
With the consecration, the main nave is open for daily mass for the first time since the first stone was laid March 19, 1882. Until now mass has been held in the crypt, Gaudi's last resting place.
Building of the Basilica could take another 15 years at least, with 10 more spires to be constructed, including the central tower crowned by a cross reaching up 170 metres (560 feet), the main Glory facade, and the sacristies.
Gaudidesigner : Beatification of Antonio Gaudí
Beatification of Antonio Gaudí

Beatification of Antonio Gaudí

In agreement with the Homily pronounced by Benito XVI in the consecration of the Basilica, the Church wants to reaffirm the bond between the art and the faith, the beauty and the truth. When projecting to canonize to Gaudi, wants to make saint the figure of the artist; for five centuries indeed, that the church does not have any has been distinguished by its faith, only the Florentine Angelical Frau that was the last one.

Antoni Gaudí, the Spanish architect best known for designing the as yet unfinished Church of Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) in Barcelona, has recently had his "cause" for beatification accepted by the Vatican.

On the other hand, the ecclesiastical court of the Diocese of Barcelona, after three intense years of studies, interviews and investigation, has concluded a document, of more than 1000 folios, where the divine character is promoted, at least of some of his acts, of the modernist architect.
Directed by Barcelona City Hall historic preservation agency (Diputacion) architect Antonio Gonzalez Moreno
Overall view of the work carried out : the stairwell Gaudi designed leading to the upper floor of the Crypt has disappeared entirely, having been replaced by a section of zinc roofing. The façade is dominated by a huge block of granite, a presumptuous invention by Gonzalez, who has placed himself on the same plane as Gaudi. Gonzalez also chose to cover the floor of the church and sidewalks with gray marble slabs, inventing low walls, stairways, etc...

Rainier Gräfe, professor of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) which has studied the Güell Crypt for 20 years, qualified the "terrible" state of the temple and considered it regrettable that some of the damage will be very difficult to repair. The experts believe that 25% of the legacy of Gaudí "are already irremediable.

The audacity to try to finish the Güell Crypt and at the same time to treat it like an archaeological site made her lose the enchantment and this aspect of a familiar ruin.
In a restoration of this importance, one should have acted with greatest humility, the treatment of a historical building is something complicated and not only is a problem of specialists, but requiares good taste.

The person to blame for this disaster, architect Antonio Gonzalez tries to recompose his errors made, years ago in the restoration of the Güell Palace. Locked up with triple turn inside the Guëll Palace and surrounded by the same team of the Güell Crypt disaster. The maximum secrecy prohibiting the visits of the building site, to everyone.

The architect Antonio González Moreno, was finally fired (nov.2008) of the Architectonic service Diputation of Barcelona, for his lamentable restoration of the Güell Crypt.

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