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Gaudidesigner : Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo
43 Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

Apartment block totally renovated by Gaudi between 1904 and 1906 in Barcelona for the Batllo's family.
One of the architect's most complete works, it produces an indefinable sensation of lightness in spite of the profusion of forms and motifs.

At the first floor level of the undulating façade is a striking stone structure in the form of loggia supported by columns which frame fine windows decorated with stained glass.

The ceramics and multi-colored glass mosaics of the upper part are interrupted by iron balconies in the form of venitian masks. Crowning the whole is a suggestive tile roof over double garrets, which evokes the back of a fantastic dragon.

The first floor was decorated by Gaudi who created some of his best interior design pieces for it, a magnificent built: fireplace, plaster whirling ceilings, stained glass, wrought iron elements, wooden doors and "avant garde" furniture. © 2023

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